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艺术顾问:罗伯特 克莱德克 Robert Craddock(美)

协助:纽约当代艺术研究院 NYRCA









Mai Mang

A group of overseas Chinese artists living in Canada, France, Germany, Greece, Japan, Australia, and the United States have decided to come together, through an online exhibition, to make their voices heard, showcasing the present as seen through their eyes. As we are in the midst of a turbulent 2020, this decision carries special significance. Upon the invitation of Guo Zhen, noted Chinese female artist and curator, I am more than glad to join forces with her in co-curating this online exhibition.

This exhibition shows the agency of artists. Contemporary overseas Chinese artists can leap out of the narrow boundaries of the nation-state, and go against certain criteria of success as predefined by global capital or existing institutions. Furthermore, artists confront various unexpected events such as the global coronavirus pandemic. Although we may not travel physically and are temporarily and geographically separated from one another, we are still living live in a common “present.” This present as seen through the eyes of each artist is destined to be unique and unrepeatable, to bearing witness to history, and also demonstrating relevance, which is at the core of contemporary art.

In his 1935 preface to the National Joint Woodcut Exhibition, Lu Xun discussed the rise of modern Chinese woodcut movement: “It expresses the same inner yearnings of the artists and the masses, no wonder it has become such a vibrant scene, which had originated with only a handful of youths using their carving knives and woodblocks.” The woodcut movement established common ground among its audience by focusing upon the present. “It shares a blood bond with the masses, so of course it won’t go unnoticed” Lu Xun said. Even today, for overseas Chinese artists living in diaspora and situated in a global context, Lu Xun’s teaching still resonates when it comes to finding one’s balance and voice between the individual and the world, between the individual and the present.

An artist’s indispensable obligation, in its broadest and most essential sense, is to record this turbulent, crisis-laden, unpredictable, and volatile present. Contemporary art demands action from artists. To record the current moment is to break free from the imprisonment of the present. This was true in the past, is true now, and will remain true in the future.

For overseas Chinese artists, this exhibition is, although low-key, a timely and necessary new beginning.





2020.9.15 纽约

Zhen Guo

In this online exhibition, "The Present in the Eyes of Overseas Chinese Artists", the exhibitors include both early artists who moved overseas in the 1980s, and who persisted in artistic creation throughout the decades, steadfastly creating their own space, and also young artists who have recently emigrated along with the new wave of overseas students and other immigrants. The life trajectories of these two generations are quite different, as is the environment they found in their new homes. There is both the rough start of the first wave of the pioneers and the smoother progress of the later movement.

Yo-yo Ma once said, "My life is spent between different national boundaries." These overseas Chinese artists also live in a cultural gap, amidst the collision of different values. In this vast and free Western culture, they wander about, each seeking their own position. They are tossed, pulled by two different cultures, and they suffer from the abandonment of both the societies . The meaning of their artistic life became so tragic and difficult. Therefore, it is urgent to recognize their artistic works and evaluate their artistic achievements.

2020.9.15 New York



“海外华裔艺术家眼中的当下”线上展览_Germany 邱萍 艺术家,策展人



“海外华裔艺术家眼中的当下”线上展览_Germany “灵光” 装置

“海外华裔艺术家眼中的当下”线上展览_Germany “飞号” 装置 2019

“海外华裔艺术家眼中的当下”线上展览_Germany “飞手” 装置 2019


“海外华裔艺术家眼中的当下”线上展览_Germany 郭燕 艺术家




“海外华裔艺术家眼中的当下”线上展览_Germany 骑士的梦想 No.11 122x152cm 布面油画 2019

“海外华裔艺术家眼中的当下”线上展览_Germany 诺亚方舟 152x122cm 布面油画 2019

“海外华裔艺术家眼中的当下”线上展览_Germany 骑士的梦想 No.10 122x152cm 布面油画 2019


“海外华裔艺术家眼中的当下”线上展览_Germany 张爽 艺术家


【感言】2020 疫情期间,在瞬息万变的世界中醒来,恍如隔世。


“海外华裔艺术家眼中的当下”线上展览_Germany 恍如隔世 13x56x18cm 装置 2020

“海外华裔艺术家眼中的当下”线上展览_Germany 无法弥补的完整 30x23x8cm 2020

“海外华裔艺术家眼中的当下”线上展览_Germany 庇护所 30x49x71cm 2020


“海外华裔艺术家眼中的当下”线上展览_Germany 郭桢 艺术家,策展人




“海外华裔艺术家眼中的当下”线上展览_Germany “爱,善,情,欲” 壁挂装置 棉麻绸线等 250x600cm 2020

“海外华裔艺术家眼中的当下”线上展览_Germany “黎明前的象“ 紙本水墨 189x146cm 2020

“海外华裔艺术家眼中的当下”线上展览_Germany “当下” 毛线 丙烯 画布 103x103cm 2020


“海外华裔艺术家眼中的当下”线上展览_Germany 张琼飞 艺术家


【感言】我只描绘在我的精神空间发生的事 ,这是一些预感,一些情绪,,,然后,我看见它们发生。我觉得艺术家像一个巫师。


“海外华裔艺术家眼中的当下”线上展览_Germany 五月雪 布面油画 246x145cm 2020

“海外华裔艺术家眼中的当下”线上展览_Germany 寂静的春天 布面油画 185x156cm 2020

“海外华裔艺术家眼中的当下”线上展览_Germany 红幕布 丙烯 268x145cm 2020


“海外华裔艺术家眼中的当下”线上展览_Germany 向承美 艺术家,当代艺术研究学者

现居住在澳大利亚珀斯,西澳大学艺术学博士候选人。作品曾参加过2019连州摄影节主题展, 悉尼HeadOn摄影节主题展及重庆长江影像双年展,。学术论文曾发表在纽约时报、法国摄影之眼、Pro Photo、Australia Asia Society、澳洲artlink等杂志。



“海外华裔艺术家眼中的当下”线上展览_Germany 庚子见证录1 展览场景摄影 2020

“海外华裔艺术家眼中的当下”线上展览_Germany 庚子见证录2 展览场景摄影 2020

“海外华裔艺术家眼中的当下”线上展览_Germany 庚子见证录3 展览场景摄影 2020


“海外华裔艺术家眼中的当下”线上展览_Germany 王玉 艺术家


【感言】我一直试图在画面上表现出一种可触的 ‘’活着的肌肤”来表达人类的脆弱和敏感。


“海外华裔艺术家眼中的当下”线上展览_Germany 男人和女人 65x81cm 布面油彩和丙烯透明媒介剂 2020

“海外华裔艺术家眼中的当下”线上展览_Germany 自由维纳斯像 100x50cm 布面油彩和丙烯透明媒介剂 2019

“海外华裔艺术家眼中的当下”线上展览_Germany 月之舟 160x200cm 布面油彩和丙烯透明媒介剂 2015


“海外华裔艺术家眼中的当下”线上展览_Germany 黄华 摄影艺术家,图虫签约摄影师




“海外华裔艺术家眼中的当下”线上展览_Germany 刮痧波普 摄影 2017-2020

“海外华裔艺术家眼中的当下”线上展览_Germany 三根肋骨 摄影 2020

“海外华裔艺术家眼中的当下”线上展览_Germany 白眼猫 摄影 2020


“海外华裔艺术家眼中的当下”线上展览_Germany 黑峰 艺术家,思想家




“海外华裔艺术家眼中的当下”线上展览_Germany 最后的盛宴 366x183cm 布面油画 2019

“海外华裔艺术家眼中的当下”线上展览_Germany 蓝光的世界 366x172cm 布面油画 2019

“海外华裔艺术家眼中的当下”线上展览_Germany 最后的疯狂 305x178cm 布面油画 2020


“海外华裔艺术家眼中的当下”线上展览_Germany 刘骐鸣 艺术家




《纽约疫情色志 New York COVID-19 Color diary》片段 单屏影像 2020


“海外华裔艺术家眼中的当下”线上展览_Germany 张宏图 艺术家

星星画展参与者。自1982年以来居住在美国。从1980年代中期到90年代中期,张用毛泽东的形象和多媒体来表达他对共产主义中国和文化大革命的看法。 在过去的二十年中,张的作品专注于自然与人类生存状况之间的关系。



“海外华裔艺术家眼中的当下”线上展览_Germany 在路上 数码图片 2020

“海外华裔艺术家眼中的当下”线上展览_Germany 野牛问题 数码图片 2020

“海外华裔艺术家眼中的当下”线上展览_Germany 李白 数码图片 2020


“海外华裔艺术家眼中的当下”线上展览_Germany 宣永生 艺术家


【感言】探寻人的过去和当今,未来?自然和科学? 人和灵,人和性?


“海外华裔艺术家眼中的当下”线上展览_Germany 基因 50x100cm 纸本水墨 2017

“海外华裔艺术家眼中的当下”线上展览_Germany 归于尘 68x68cm 纸本水墨 2017

“海外华裔艺术家眼中的当下”线上展览_Germany 人和兽 68x68cm 纸本水墨 2017


“海外华裔艺术家眼中的当下”线上展览_Germany 徐进 艺术家




“海外华裔艺术家眼中的当下”线上展览_Germany “复苏系列法”拉盛的四叉路口 纸本色粉 61x46cm 2020

“海外华裔艺术家眼中的当下”线上展览_Germany “复苏系列”新冠公园 纸本色粉 46x61cm 2020

“海外华裔艺术家眼中的当下”线上展览_Germany “复苏系列”孩子们 纸本色粉 30x23cm 2020


“海外华裔艺术家眼中的当下”线上展览_Germany 郑学武 艺术家,策展人




“海外华裔艺术家眼中的当下”线上展览_Germany 身份变异 影片剪接 2020

“海外华裔艺术家眼中的当下”线上展览_Germany 生命消失 影片剪接 2020

“海外华裔艺术家眼中的当下”线上展览_Germany 和平 影片剪接 2020


“海外华裔艺术家眼中的当下”线上展览_Germany 庞学林 艺术家,策展人

南京艺术学院毕业,The Art Students League of New York学习,多次参加和策划参加国际艺术展览。纽约职业艺术家。



“海外华裔艺术家眼中的当下”线上展览_Germany 调色板的故事 布面油画 51cm园径 2020

“海外华裔艺术家眼中的当下”线上展览_Germany 刀砧板的故事1 布面油画 51cm园径 2020

“海外华裔艺术家眼中的当下”线上展览_Germany 刀砧板的故事2 布面油画 51cm园径 2020


“海外华裔艺术家眼中的当下”线上展览_Germany 谢晓泽 艺术家,艺术教育家


【感言】春天的加州是天线宝宝乐园; 蓝天白云,鲜花和怒放的树丛;地面上没有人影;世界如光洁的巨大玻璃器皿,完好如初。


“海外华裔艺术家眼中的当下”线上展览_Germany 致意大利2020 布面油画 102x152cm 2020

“海外华裔艺术家眼中的当下”线上展览_Germany 中国图书馆(北大) 布面油画 102x152cm 2020

“海外华裔艺术家眼中的当下”线上展览_Germany 2017年伦敦时报 布面油画 130x203cm 2018


“海外华裔艺术家眼中的当下”线上展览_Germany 钟跃英 艺术家

1995年移居美国。先后在美国, 台湾,韩国等重点美术馆做过个展,并参加台北国际水墨双年展.现为鲁迅美术学院客座教授,现居住和工作在美国加州旧金山湾区。



“海外华裔艺术家眼中的当下”线上展览_Germany 片山 宣纸水墨 137x69cm 2020

“海外华裔艺术家眼中的当下”线上展览_Germany 雨意 宣纸水墨 137x69cm 2019

“海外华裔艺术家眼中的当下”线上展览_Germany 清音 宣纸水墨 137x69cm 2020


“海外华裔艺术家眼中的当下”线上展览_Germany 吕美 艺术家




“海外华裔艺术家眼中的当下”线上展览_Germany 褶叠2020在地成形海之一 纸上丙烯 136x68cm 2020

“海外华裔艺术家眼中的当下”线上展览_Germany 褶叠2020在地成形海之二 纸上丙烯 136x68cm 2020

“海外华裔艺术家眼中的当下”线上展览_Germany 褶叠2020在地成形海之三 纸上丙烯 136x68cm 2020


“海外华裔艺术家眼中的当下”线上展览_Germany 林庆华 艺术家




“海外华裔艺术家眼中的当下”线上展览_Germany 看 水墨 70x100cm 2019

“海外华裔艺术家眼中的当下”线上展览_Germany 路得 水墨 80x80cm 2018


“海外华裔艺术家眼中的当下”线上展览_Germany 阮杰 艺术家




“海外华裔艺术家眼中的当下”线上展览_Germany 闻风1 油画亚麻布 122x183cm 2016-2019

“海外华裔艺术家眼中的当下”线上展览_Germany 闻风2 油画亚麻布 122x183cm 2016-2019

“海外华裔艺术家眼中的当下”线上展览_Germany 闻风3 油画亚麻布 122x183cm 2016-2019


“海外华裔艺术家眼中的当下”线上展览_Germany 周平 艺术家




“海外华裔艺术家眼中的当下”线上展览_Germany 食No.1 纸面油画 12x12cm 2017

“海外华裔艺术家眼中的当下”线上展览_Germany 食・春 布面油画 60x15cm 2020

“海外华裔艺术家眼中的当下”线上展览_Germany 食・夏 布面油画 60x15m 2020


“海外华裔艺术家眼中的当下”线上展览_Germany 冯草非 艺术家




“海外华裔艺术家眼中的当下”线上展览_Germany 狮子与勇士 布面油画 244x152cm 2019

“海外华裔艺术家眼中的当下”线上展览_Germany 婚礼 布面油画 91x91cm 2020

“海外华裔艺术家眼中的当下”线上展览_Germany 记号 布面油画 91x91cm 2020


“海外华裔艺术家眼中的当下”线上展览_Germany 王茜瑶 艺术家

2014 四川美术学院2018 德国汉堡美院(BFA);2019 纽约州立大学,2020 德国汉堡美院(MFA)。作品大气磅湃,色彩斑斓,是中国年轻艺术家在西方文化中的新秀;多次参加国际艺术展览。现居德国。



“海外华裔艺术家眼中的当下”线上展览_Germany 牛魔王 布面油画,丙烯,蜡笔,铅笔 250x150cm/250x150cm/250x150cm 2020

“海外华裔艺术家眼中的当下”线上展览_Germany 没有上也没有下 布面油画,丙烯,蜡笔,铅笔 200x190cm 2020


“海外华裔艺术家眼中的当下”线上展览_Germany 麦芒(美)

本名黄亦兵,1967年出生于湖南常德,当代著名诗人。自1983到1993年就读于北京大学中文系,先后获得中国文学学士、硕士和博士学位。1993年移居美国,2001年获得美国加州大学洛杉矶分校比较文学博士学位。自2000年起至今任教于美国康州学院,研究并讲授中国现当代文学和比较文学。现同时担任康州学院亚洲艺术收藏部主任策展人,策划了一系列中国当代艺术个展、群展和相关讲座。著有中文诗集《接近盲目》(2005),中英文双语诗集《石龟》(2005),以及英文学术专著《当代中国文学:从文化大革命到未来》(Contemporary Chinese Literature: From the Cultural Revolution to the Future) (纽约:Palgrave Macmillan, 2007)。

Mai Mang (Yibing Huang)

Is an award-winning poet, scholar, critic, curator, and translator writing in both Chinese and English. He received his B.A., M.A., and Ph.D. in Chinese Literature from Beijing University. He moved to the United States in 1993 and earned a second Ph.D. in Comparative Literature from the University of California, Los Angeles, in 2001. He is currently Associate Professor of Chinese and Curator of the Chu-Griffis Asian Art Collection at Connecticut College. He is the author of Contemporary Chinese Literature: From the Cultural Revolution to the Future (Palgrave Macmillan, 2007). He has also curated a series of contemporary Chinese art exhibitions and written extensively on related topics.

“海外华裔艺术家眼中的当下”线上展览_Germany 郭桢(美)


Zhen Guo

Born in Rizhao, Shandong, China, graduated from the Fine Arts Department of Shandong Art School in 1976, and graduated from the China Academy of Art in 1982 and taught at the Chinese Painting Department in China Academy of Art. 1986, she went to study in San Francisco Art College in the United States. In 1987, she visited as a scholar at York University College of Art in Canada. In 1988, she set up Zhen Guo Art Studio in New York. She is a female ink artist active in the international art world and a pioneer of American Asian contemporary female ink art. She participated in many international art exhibitions, and has long been committed to the research and exploration of international contemporary female art. International auction companies such as Sotheby’s have repeatedly promoted their works. In recent years, she has curated and participated in: the “Existence” International Women's Art Exhibition in Changsha, China, and the “Please Touch, Body Boundary” large-scale exhibition at the Mona Museum of Contemporary Art in the United States. "Exhibition of Asian Female Artists” at Jeonbuk Museum of Art, Korea, etc.


“海外华裔艺术家眼中的当下”线上展览_Germany 罗伯特 克莱德克(美)


Robert Craddock

American art therapist, educator, sculptor, and curator based in New York. He has served as an art consultant for the American Museum of Modern Art, Whitney Museum, and the Jamaica Arts Center in New York.


“海外华裔艺术家眼中的当下”线上展览_Germany 纽约当代艺术研究院


New York Research of Contemporary Arts New York Research of Contemporary Arts

Is a non-profit art organization based in New York. Through international programs, the institution promotes opportunities for creating, exhibiting, researching, and critiquing art, in the mission of advancing the dialogues of contemporary art in the United States and Greater China. With a focus on art curating, the organization seeks to exhilarate young artists to enrich their creative practices with a global perspective by providing a platform for ideas and dialogues around art creation. The projects include the most pioneering art exploration and experimentation in the forms of multidisciplinary research and presentation, as well as artist residencies and educational activities in the United States and the Greater China regions. Surveying art forms and social issues of current concerns, the projects responding to a breadth of artistic creativities, while bringing art closer to the public.


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